Why visit France?

France is definitely one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Everything about France is special, from its tourist hot spots to its rich history and culture. The language is romantic, the people are above and beyond friendly and the architecture and buildings are just amazing. France is simply perfect whether you are visiting as a couple on your honeymoon, friends on vacations or a family seeking to spend leisure time with each other.

If you plan on visiting France soon, it is advisable that you obtain as much information as possible on the country and the requirements for a safe visit. It is important to have first-hand information about everything in France. From accommodation to best restaurants, hotels, tourist places, activities to be a part of and a list of things which you must not miss on your visit to France. Holiday Spot is a dedicated online resource for providing you with all such information related to France and as well as other destinations in Europe.

Who we are?

Holiday Spot is an online website which aims at serving as an information hub for avid travellers who plan and tour to France and other European destinations. Unlike other informational website, we offer detailed information and are not just limited to basic information.

What we offer?

We offer information from ground level ranging from things you must see in France, French History and history of each and every tourist location, activities and events on-going in France in which you can take part and much more. Although, this requires an additional effort in keeping you up to date with the information but our dedicated team ensures that you get fresh updates.

What makes us unique?


Information from various aspects

We serve as your online guide for you tour to France and other European destinations and provide you information from various aspects and prospective.


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Our service comes FREE and doesn’t include any extra charges or hidden costs!


Major destinations and cities covered.

We cover more than 100+ popular destinations and cities across Europe in our database.


Up to date information

Information offered on our website is up to date and verified.

How to use our service?

Using our service is simple. All you need is a laptop/desktop or just your smartphone with internet access will be enough. Simply log on to our website and register as a user. Enter details of your visit ranging from durations, cities you are interested in visiting and number of people who are coming along. Then on you will be briefed with all the advices and information and just in case you require answers to some special questions, you can contact us using the contact form on our website and we will provide you with the answers to your questions within 24 hours. You can also contact us by phone.

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So pack your luggage today and get set to visit the land of the Napoleon! Visit France, Discover France.


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I find Holiday Spot to be very interactive and effective medium for learning more about Italian and French history and historical places with events which occurred. It is a very nice French Wiki to be summed up in two words.  
Nancy A. Solis

Our honeymoon was made special all thanks to Holiday Spot for the valuable information. We got to visit places which no other tour operator had in their itinerary along with the famous hotspots of course.
Santos D. Pascarella

I planned a trip to Sister Cities Prague-Budapest and Vienna as suggested by Holiday Spot. Truly amazing experience. I loved everything about Europe and that is because the Holiday Hotspot showed me how wonderful it really is.    
Jaime L. Good