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France has the most tourists coming into the country every year. This is not a surprise, considering its rich culture and arts, vibrant cities, awesome natural attractions and stunning architecture. Use your home guide to see the famous sites of France, and enjoy a tour of the sceneries of the country.

Have a taste of the romantic nature the famous Eiffel Tower and bohemian Montmartre of Paris. Visit the grape farms of a Champagne manufacturer in Reims. You can let your tour guide take you to the culinary traditions of the country. Visit the ancient beaches in Normandy, and have a ride that that is among the most beautiful worldwide, through rustic lanes, where you will see Renaissance châteaux and farmhouses in the Valley of Loire.

On your next vacation in France, your tour guide will help you find those places where you can do what you love, whether it is skiing or sunbathing, in different places in this beautiful country.

Learn the French Language to Understand French Life

Do you wish to learn more about French culture? Have you any interest in vin, fromage and baguette? If you already don’t understand the language, you probably just realized how important it is to be able to communicate in order to align with a country’s life.

How Can One Really Understand This Language D’amour?

We all have said: ‘the best method for learning a language is through understanding a lot about the country’. Therefore, to learn French, you need to take up their lifestyle, and stay with French locals to integrate with them.

Benefits of Home stays

Two important factors: the place and the person. With these two, you will finally get your desired French château, which will come as home stay accommodation as you take a vacation with French locals for the authentic experience of the French culture.

Staying with French hosts brings about a truly rare and genuine, personalized experience which centers on human relationships, since there is no one who is in a better position to advice, help you and warmly welcome you to France than a French native. You can make bookings with your preferred locals on any comprehensive online resource such as Guest in the City.

You have the best opportunity to learn the French culture and language through a French native. You are also in the best position to learn more about France, including the best bars and bus times.

The good thing about accommodation and hosts is that it has different types from which you can choose. You have a chance to find one that suits all your interests, whether backpacking, travelling or staying for a very long time, such as a year of student exchange or internship.

Some hosts rent out their guest rooms; this can give you both comfort and safety. You will also have al the house equipment you need. If you are very lucky, you may even be accommodated in a house with friendly people who provide you with food, where it will finally feel like home away from home.

End Results: What You Gain From It

You will feel very much accomplished if you are able to get the best out of spending time outside your country. You can go back to your country with all those amazing French cultures you will have learnt while in the country, the French language, which you can further pursue. You will also be happy to have come across people you found interesting and made friendships you will keep forever.

"All savvy tourists have a dream of really living like the people of France"

The good news is that this wish can come true through very many ways, whether through help-exchange, home-exchange or house-sitting. However, you can ask for help from your tour guide to get accommodation, teach you how to communicate in French as well as how to build friendships with the people of France. If that is what you wish for, you will be best suited for a home stay.

Obviously, you would not have the easiest experience trying to find accommodation on the internet, for the next French tour you wish to take. However, you can use our savvy tour guide to get you through your search and let you have the best tour of your life.

What You Get When you Stay with the Locals

Home stays with local families are the best shot for you is you are hoping to get more than just accommodation. Home stays are your best option for you if you are interested in learning the French way of life.

Home stays can last between several days and several months. They are a good way for you to learn the French language by means of utter immersion.

Advantages of Authentic French Experiences

You are assured of a great experience with home stay, and for more information you can always make good use of the internet’s vast resources. You will find a suitable host and could even create a lifetime friendship with your host if you find a host family which you correspond with.

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