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The good thing about large cities with lots of different cultural influences is that there is a lot of things to do and see, and they suit every taste. The diversity of these metropolis is so wide that you will find something you enjoy, regardless of the nature of your personal interests. Buenos Aires is an amazing citiy because of that - and of a few more things. With over 3 million people living within the borders of the city and over 15 million in the suburban area, it is one of the largest cities in Latin America, and it has received the influence of immigration from places as diverse as Italy, China, Poland, Spain, Germany, Israel, Bolivia, Paraguay, Korea and many others. 

The result of all this exchange is a very unique culture with a great personality. Buenos Aires is, definitely, a city to enjoy. However, and precisely because it is so large and diverse, there are some places that aren't exactly nice and pleasant. You need to know where you are going and how to find the good things. Stepping off the beaten track is a great way to see the city's secret spots and hidden charms, but it is also a risky move since outside the touristic circuit there are some areas or places which you would rather skip.

One of the most popular areas of Buenos Aires is Recoleta, and old posh neighbourhood with tons of great things to see, do and admire. Next time you go to Buenos Aires, you just can't miss Recoleta!

How to get to Recoleta

This is a very accessible neighbourhood which is located on the northern half of Buenos Aires, which is definitely the best half for touristic purposes. Even if in the southern portion of the city there are nice and famous places like Caminito - a mecca of tango - most touristic hotspots are around Recoleta and the neighbouring areas of Barrio Norte, Palermo and Puerto Madero. Settling down your headquarters in Recoleta or Palermo is a very good idea.

Moving in Buenos Aires is very easy. There is plenty of public transport available - several underground lines, urban trains and literally dozens and dozens of bus lines. You can get to Recoleta from international airport Ezeiza by taxi, but you have to make sure that you take a vehicle from a reliable taxi company. Remember: no matter whether you, always hire a taxi from an office inside the airport. Some people offer to take passengers to Buenos Aires by standing inside the airport holding cardboar signs, or wait outside of the building trying to catch an unprevented tourist. These taxis charge more for their services and sometimes try to scam outsiders by taking long detours or giving change in fake currency.

Have a good time in Recoleta!

It is really easy to enjoy this neighbourhood because there are plenty of good things there. Just a mere walk down its streets and alleys is a great experience in itself, you can enjoy its beautiful architecture, the parks and squares, and the amazing monuments. This area has a strong European feel which will make Britons feel at home, but people who live there are very nice and warm and they welcome tourists with exquisite cuisine and great wine.

You will be happy to know that there is plenty of things to do in Recoleta. This is a very tourist-friendly neighbourhood and there is always something going on. Perhaps the most famous attraction in the neighbourhood is the Cemetery, where very famous people are buried. The Cemetery of Recoleta is a delight of gothic architecture and sculpture and you can't miss it! 

By the Cemetery there is a cultural centre called Centro Cultural de Recoleta which often hosts exhibitions and activities. You will also find many cafes and bars around the area, and excellent restaurants where you will taste the legendary Argentinean meat and many dishes of several cultural influences. You can also walk around Plaza Francia and other beautiful squares and enjoy its unique landscape. The Museo de Bellas Artes is also a few blocks away from the Cemetery. If you want to go shopping you should walk down Santa Fe avenue or visit Patio Bulrich shopping mall. Libertador avenue is also a great place to walk, with luxury buildings and nice forests. If you walk down this avenue towards the area of Retiro, you will see a clock tower called La Torre de los Ingleses, which translates as "Tower of the English People". If you visit Recoleta you can be sure you'll have a great time!


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