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The good thing about large cities with lots of different cultural influences is that there is a lot of things to do and see, and they suit every taste. The diversity of these metropolis is so wide that you will find something you enjoy, regardless of the nature of your personal interests. Buenos Aires is an amazing citiy because of that - and of a few more things. With over 3 million people living within the borders of the city and over 15 million in the suburban area, it is one of the largest cities in Latin America, and it has received the influence of immigration from places as diverse as Italy, China, Poland, Spain, Germany, Israel, Bolivia, Paraguay, Korea and many others. 

The result of all this exchange is a very unique culture with a great personality. Buenos Aires is, definitely, a city to enjoy. However, and precisely because it is so large and diverse, there are some places that aren't exactly nice and pleasant. You need to know where you are going and how to find the good things. Stepping off the beaten track is a great way to see the city's secret spots and hidden charms, but it is also a risky move since outside the touristic circuit there are some areas or places which you would rather skip. Read More...

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France has the most tourists coming into the country every year. This is not a surprise, considering its rich culture and arts, vibrant cities, awesome natural attractions and stunning architecture. Use your home guide to see the famous sites of France, and enjoy a tour of the sceneries of the country.

Have a taste of the romantic nature the famous Eiffel Tower and bohemian Montmartre of Paris. Visit the grape farms of a Champagne manufacturer in Reims. You can let your tour guide take you to the culinary traditions of the country. Visit the ancient beaches in Normandy, and have a ride that that is among the most beautiful worldwide, through rustic lanes, where you will see Renaissance châteaux and farmhouses in the Valley of Loire.

On your next vacation in France, your tour guide will help you find those places where you can do what you love, whether it is skiing or sunbathing, in different places in this beautiful country. Read More...

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